Francesca’s Foundlings

Francesca's Foundlings
The Series Continues

Two years have passed since Drew MacCullough’s untimely death. Anxious to get on with her life, and encouraged by her friend, Brid Sheerin, we find his widow, Franny, about to fulfill her dream of opening a vintage doll shop on Main Street.

Suddenly faced with a crisis involving Lilah Patch, Brid’s young assistant at the Sheerin Gallery, the two women, together with Franny’s sister, Sofia, and attorney, Neil Malone, step forward to help find a solution. Over the course of a turbulent spring and summer, they and other familiar Lynton faces, discover not all families are born of blood. Some are brought together by fate and bound by love.

Francesca’s Foundlings continues the story begun in MacCullough’s Women of the unlikely friendship forged between two women brought together by their love of the same man. Written by Kathleen Ferrari, it is the second novel in the Lynton Series.

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